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a non-profit center for the contemporary and interdisciplinary art in Jerusalem. Since June 2014 it provides a stage for innovative artists working in fields which include music, new media, film and performing arts. Mazkeka serves as a lab and creation space for new works with versatile performance opportunities, including a recording studio and a workshop space as part of a local center for artistic collaborations and original productions. The organization identifies, supports and presents emerging and under-recognized artists who are making significant contributions to their respective fields, as well as established artists who wish to stretch their creative boundaries in a safe environment.


Mazkeka Studios

A Sonic Playground
Dedicated to Distilling New and Inspiring Sounds

cafe Mazkea

We offer great coffee & sandwiches, cheese and sausage plates as well as fresh salads,

And are proud to be working with great products by local farmers and vendors.

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3 Shoshan Street