Wonderful Night
to Aug 9

Wonderful Night

we love good people, we love to party, we love a good drink and a good sandwich, we loooove music and we love it when the dance floor is hot. we"ll get all of that on Thursday night, honestly it's a good party you should come.

opening :
Amanda'Mour - will set the mood for the early birds and make the call for the midnight raiders.

live :
Hipless - a live set by Avner Cohen - homemade electronic analog experimental house and stuff like that... you know.

closing :
Liane (pergamon) - for the first time at the Mazkeka and we are just happy abut it, welcome lady techno.

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Hypnotic Disco/Tech
4:30 PM16:30

Hypnotic Disco/Tech

Techno House Disco Breaks


Our birthday
Celebrating more than 3.5 years deep :

25.7 ---- 23:00
Hypnotic Soundsystem Part I (just when i thought i was out)
Gilli Tha Kid
Rapha (Chateau Royal, Alphabet)
Hypnotic Soundsystem Part II

26.7 ----- 12:00
Shye Rahat
Tai Rona
Hypnotic Soundsystem (they pulled me back in)

Stark Tisser Kvint

graphics : Michael Cohen

lights and shadows :
Dana Tkatch Eyal Bitton Lally

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Itamar Shlomo Cohen
9:00 PM21:00

Itamar Shlomo Cohen

Itamar Cohen launches his amazing debut album

Neo eastern hip hop soul trap

זה קורה
לבוש בטרנינג, נושא משקל מחשב ומיקרופון
יעלה ויבוא איתמר שלמה כהן הקטן מפסגת זאב
לנגן ולשיר על במת המזקקה יחד עם אורחות מיוחדות שבבוא העת נחשוף את שמן (או שלא)
אווירת השקה
זיעה ודמעות מחייכות
הרמה למקסימום

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Amy McKnight
9:00 PM21:00

Amy McKnight

Our Australian, Amy McKnight must say goodbye in July, but before she goes we will hear some new songs she has been recording in the French Hill. The upcoming E.P will be titled “For Goodness Sake” a collection of alt-folk songs which reflect on the current state of ecology. 

With Dor Bar Av on drums and Dolev Solomon on Bass

“The Captain” will be available on CD at the show as well as 10 of the last remaining silk screened album launch bags. 

Come and bury your spirit in the sounds.

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